台北市自助儲物空間商業同業公會 (TSSA) 是一個為迷你倉營運商、供應商和有興趣在這行業發展的人士而服務的團體,並且致力推動自助儲物空間行業在台灣的發展。TSSA會員是本會支柱,我們非常鼓勵有關業界及有意發展自助儲物空間業務的人士加入TSSA,籍此完全善用會員的在業務發展的優勢及福利。


Taipei Self Storage Association (TSSA) supports the interests of current & future facility owners, managers, suppliers by engaging our members and assisting them to realize their interests in the region. As a membership based organization, we encourage these groups to join the Association and proactively participate in order to realize the fullest potential that each membership entails. 

In order to further our mission to grow a healthy industry in Asia and raise awareness of this among government, end users, and investors, we have set tailored regional standards. This ensures TSSA members meet these important benchmarks to provide best in class service. 


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We are an organisation to monitor the operation of the association. It consists of self storage operators and suppliers in Taiwan.

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